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Key4ce is mainly an outsourced services provider for other IT companies and specializes in setup and maintenance of Enterprise Technologies as well as related employee training. Our increasing knowledge and continued hands-on experience in the market enable us to work fast and efficiently.

24/ 7 Support, including holidays!

Our employees, who speak and write perfect English, are scattered across the globe. Because our people are in different time zones and locales with different holidays, a small-sized company like ours can provide the highest level of professional services at any given time.

Let us help to keep your Datacenter Healthy

Key4ce is a specialist in monitoring routes.
Datacenters usually have basic technical skills in-house, so the services we offer them are at a different level from others: we resolve and track data routing issues; we recommend the proper routes to take in a particular region; and we alert the client to change a route immediately when it deteriorates so that the datacenter can avert region-specific downtime or even total system downtime.

Security Advice

Security is a nagging issue these days. Many incidences of simple DDoS attacks have caused large amounts of downtime and bandwidth highjacking that led to financial catastrophe. To help keep datacenters up and running, even when they are under attack, we give advice on how to harden the environment, mitigate DDoS attacks, and optimize overall security.

24/ 7 Support & Monitoring

We take care of your server, even while you're sleeping!
Many small and mid-sized hosting companies experience difficulty in keeping their servers covered 24/7 including holidays. We solve that problem by doing the job for you! If any issue ever arises, we can automatically fix the problem; we can even contact your datacenter on your behalf in case you're not around, while notifying you of the situation.

Keep your servers updated and maintained

Maintenance, updating and many other simple tasks take much time, and these are usually done during your customers' sleeping hours for obvious reasons. Instead of you doing all these, Key4ce can take care of the nightly work while you sleep safe and sound. During our watch we perform important security fixes that will always be applied within 6 hours.

Need an expert for certain software?

We have experts on board for most enterprise software.
It's a given: one or more software can be more difficult to handle than others. Since most companies don't have the time or resources to train their staff on the use of all their installed software, these companies opt to hire an expert whenever an enterprise software issue or question comes up. Key4ce has a staff of such experts, and these specialize in different fields and have years of hands-on troubleshooting experience.

Let us deploy your software — and more

Too busy to attend to software concerns? In need of a professional to take care of a particular software? Key4ce is always ready to provide the solution you seek. We can deploy software for you. We can also support you with people to work as one of your own staff, under your company name, for tasks ranging from answering client support tickets to deploying an entire cloud for your customers.

Looking for outsourcing support?

We have been supporting ISPs since 2006
Whether it's routinary support for clients, answering tickets, remote desktop assistance, or network and server support, we have done it all. Our intimate familiarity with ISP infrastructure and procedures has transformed us into a highly reliable third-party support provider for the ISP industry — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Performance monitoring

As in the case of datacenters, it's important for ISPs to keep data routes properly set and monitored. It's equally important to know when the performance of routes decreases or when routes become completely non-functional. This crucial knowledge helps keep your uptime and performance to a maximum. To help you stay on top of the situation, Key4ce will not only monitor your routes from many different locations but also make sure that they stay optimized.

Server support and maintenance

Does Active Directory run in your company?
Active Directory is used by many companies, and we highly recommended it for those are not yet using AD if they have over 10 networked computers. AD can be tricky software to set up and maintain, but we offer to help you every step of the way so that you can reap its benefits. Our services include setting up and maintaining not only a secure firewall to protect your AD installation, but also overall security your entire IT environment.

Storage, backups, security

As an IT user, your company will have to deal with storage, backup of storage, security, and many related concerns on a regular basis. You need to comply with data regulations of your host country, and above all you need to guarantee that IT in your business runs without issues. To help you attain these important objectives, we lend our hand so that in the end your company runs flawlessly, securely, and fully recovered if ever any disruptive issue should arise despite all precautions.
Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring

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Server Maintenance

Server Maintenance

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Server Support

Server Support

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Server Deployment

Server Deployment

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